Buddha Bowl Made Easy

You will often hear me saying that the toughest part of blogging is thinking what the heck to blog about. I’ve been working, studying and riding while fitting in some time for life with family and friends. So here is my easy answer to a blog. A recipe. Its a GOOD one. And shout out to my amazing husband on this one, I came home late from work to discover this delicious meal all ready to go for me. It is crazy easy to boot.

Set oven to 400 - open a can of chick peas and rinse. Drop in a pan or baking sheet with your fav cooking oil, add spices of any kind (cayenne for a kick, lately I’ve been all over Za’taar, but anything, or nothing will work) roast for about 20min.

While this is happening, cook up some Quinoa, chop up a red pepper, a small cucumber, slice up a tomato and grab a few black olives.

Place some greens (spring mix, baby kale or spinach) on the bottom of a bowl. Toss in the chick peas and quinoa. Add a good sized lump of hummus, then all of your chopped veggies + olives.

Seriously, it’s that easy. Done. Healthy, filling, quick and makes enough for two. Chop up additional veggies and roast a second can of chickpeas to feed more people or to have leftovers.

Its versatile too! This would work with roasted brussels as well. If you toss them with orange zest and REAL orange juice with some oil, put them in to roast with the chick peas, its a great way to jazz up this sweet and healthy veggie. If any of the above ingredients aren’t for you, leave them out or swap them with something that you do like (peas, shredded carrot, sprouts, snap peas, literally anything).

Always feel free to buzz me for other easy healthy meat free dinners -cause some of the ones you find online are lengthy, gross or full of cheese.

Also, please buzz me if you’d like to see a certain topic, sometimes I am overflowing with ideas and other times, I’m a blank slate.

Dana Smith DO(MP)

psst - that’s an actual picture of this incredible meal made by a genius hubby

Dana Smith