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Osteopathic Manual Therapy follows the theory that imbalances in the human structure are connected to the progression of pain and disease. Because our bodies self-regulate and self-heal, osteopaths work with the body’s natural capacities to help remove obstructions in order to restore proper function and drainage of the body’s tissues. When one aspect of the system is off, the entire system can be affected and pain can result. Treatments work to align body mechanics, nerve impulses, and the circulation of body fluids in order to restore one to optimal health. Osteopathy uses manual assessment and treatment to impact the body’s structure and improve its function.


Customized Yoga Sequence

Having owned a yoga studio and with nearly 500 hours of yoga training, I have a unique ability to pair my Osteopathic training with my yoga skills. After observing countless hours of natural body movement, I would be happy to apply this knowledge to your specific needs. I will create a yoga sequence just for you and take a full hour to walk you through the poses to ensure that you are practicing the poses safely and effectively. This way, you have a take-home yoga sequence to enjoy on your own time.


Private Yoga Classes

I am available to teach small private groups at my location. I love to theme these classes. In the past I have enjoyed alignment workshops, lunar classes, wine-chocolate yoga for a girls night out and fire meditation classes with a spooky Halloween theme. Let me know what you’d like and I will create a yoga class for your group. I am also happy to travel to your location of choice.

Child receiving Osteopathy Treatment


Cupping Massage

Do you remember watching gold medalist Michael Phelps in the 2016 Olympic games? Those circular bruise-like marks on his body were a result of cupping massage. Don’t worry; it’s not really a bruise. The cups lift the fascia away from the skeletal structure in order to release restrictions and improve blood flow, therefore increasing healing. Cupping is painless and can be incorporated into your Osteopathic treatment or booked for a 30 or 45 minute standalone treatment.



Public Speaking Events

I love public speaking! As a yoga teacher and Osteopath DO(MP) I am available to address a wide range of topics for your group. I have previously spoken at office settings about why “sitting is the new smoking” and how to combat its effects. I have addressed organizations including The Down Syndrome Society of K-W at Kids Ability and the Crohn’s and Colitis support group.  I have frequently spoken at The Running Room to discuss body awareness, injury prevention and recovery. I have been invited to charity golf tournaments to get the participants warmed up with yoga poses on the first tee. Call me today to discuss the topics I am happy to address for your group or event.


Conditions We Treat

From back pain to digestive issues, see all of the different ailments and issues that Kitchener Osteopathy can help alleviate.

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