What can you expect?

Osteopathic Manual Therapy offers a whole body approach to the assessment and treatment of dysfunctions that exist within the body.

Dana Smith considers your entire health history and evaluates the inter-relationships of past and current conditions, injuries, activities, postures, prior surgeries and traumas. This allows her to determine the best possible treatment for you.  Therefore, your first appointment is usually booked for 90 minutes. Dana doesn’t always use this much time in the first appointment, but she reserves it for you just in case. The first appointment includes a detailed discussion regarding your medical history, as well as a treatment.

Osteopathy is conducted with the patient clothed.  I recommend comfortable loose fitting clothing: yoga pants or shorts and a T-shirt.  Treatment may include a wide variety of techniques including: soft tissue and gentle boney mobilizations or manipulations, stretching and/or compression and positional releases.  Because I am a yoga teacher, I might conclude your appointment by giving you some “homework”. That homework is usually a few yoga poses that will assist you between appointments. Follow-up appointments will be discussed. They are generally booked for one hour, but each individual is different.


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