Less Meat Over the Holidays!

Let's face it. A lot of birds are killed over the holiday season. If that doesn't bother you, then maybe you are interested in just eating less meat as a New Years Resolution. Either way, eating a few extra vegetarian meals in a week or throughout the month is a good thing. Being a vegetarian isn't a diet that I claim to be the 'right' thing for the human body. I don't think anyone can tell you what your diet should look like, if you pay attention, YOUR body will tell YOU. This said, I've been a vegetarian for many years. Because of it, I get A LOT of questions. "But how do you get protein?" is probably the most popular one. I'm not getting into that here, if you are one of the ones asking that, Google it. There's a boat load of information out there on complete proteins easily found in a vegetarian diet. 

The second most popular question I get is "What do you eat?" My answer, basically everything that you do, except what you consider to be the entree. But it does raise a secondary, really good conversation. Recipes! There are SOOOOO many wonderful vegetarian recipes out there, but I hear ya - many of them are quite involved. Lengthy recipes with weird ingredients that require expensive extra trips to the grocery and plenty of pre-planning. This simply is not plausible for many people during the Monday to Friday work week. It's certainly not for me! Other vegetarian recipes are loaded with fake meat products (yuck!) or loads of cheese (insert bloated belly here).

From time to time I use this blog to post my fav dishes. They're my fav because they are quick, easy, tasty and make enough for a family dinner. None of them contain weird ingredients either.

Check in weekly if you feel like more veg and less meat in your work week.

Chick Pea Burritos

Two cans (organic, no BPA liner cans!) chick peas. Also known as Garbanzo Beans

One big broccoli crown (or two small). Finely chopped.

One red pepper. Chopped into bits.

One tablespoon of Tamari Sauce (or soy...or your favourite alternative) 

Two tablespoons of Avocado Oil (good oil for higher heat cooking)

Three tablespoons of chilli powder

One tablespoon cumin, two teaspoons coriander (this one is optional)

*Juice from a lime

Mix all of your ingredients in large skillet or casserole dish. Throw it ALL in except the lime juice. Cook at 350 for 20min. Take it out and stir, adding in the lime juice. You're done. Take these cooked ingredients and add them to a tortilla shell. Top them however you'd like, you can use salsa, avocado, cilantro, chopped tomato, sprouts or even shredded cheese. Wrap 'em like like a burrito! Tasty and quick. Filling and will feed a family of four. My husband and I always have leftovers for the next day. We skip the wrap, just adding the toppings to our bowl of the filling. This naked burrito makes for a quick delicious and healthy lunch on day two!

Dana Smith, Osteopath DO(MP), Card Carrying Vegetarian. 

Dana Smith