No Carb Filling Dinner Ideas

So my ND put me on an insane cleanse. 30 days of no wheat, no carbs, no corn, no potato, no rice, no fruit, no nightshade veggies (tomato, peppers, squash, eggplant) no sweet potato, no mushroom, no fermented, no vinegar, no mushrooms, no peanuts, cashews. No coffee or booze either. I wasn't perfect about it. I was for the first two weeks, but then I slowly slipped. Then I got back on to it. Its been a roller coaster. But now I've decided to go a bit longer then the prescribed 30 days. Throughout the process I've gotten two questions routinely. 1) WHY!? and 2) What the heck are you eating?

The WHY is fairly easy. There are two parts to health. One is adding. Adding the needed supplements - vitamins and minerals and pro-biotic. But the other part is removing the bad. The candida (thats why no fruit, no sugar and nothing that your body converts to sugar & no fermented) the inflammation (no nightshade) and the fungus (no mushrooms or certain nuts). My ND described this well to me by telling me that basically if you are adding all the good stuff without removing the bad, you are basically painting over wallpaper. So cleanse to strip the wallpaper and you absorb the good stuff far more efficiently. 

Here is what I am left with to eat for the month. Quinoa. Greens. Eggs. Fish. If you are meat eater, you get beef and chicken. Nuts, you get walnuts, macadamia, almonds. Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. They became my snacks. I have kept a jar in my car, my office and my home. I continue to have my AM smoothie of cashew (or almond) milk + broccoli sprouts + spinach + protein powder. My afternoon 'treat' smoothie has turned into Warrior Blend chocolate protein powder + organic cinnamon + almond butter (or tahini). I have also used coconut milk for this one! Dinners. Well, they were difficult for the first two weeks. But I now have a new routine. We often have 6-8 dinners that we all use. Keep making them over and over. I just had to find my new dinner groove. Heres a few of my fav's.

Zucchini Patty - I saw this recipe on FB. It was different, less healthy with loads of cheese and corn starch. But it gave me an idea!

Skin 4 zucchini's. Then shred them all in a cheese grater. Use paper towel to squish out all of the water. Add 1/4 cup of quinoa flour (or any flour that you'd like) and an egg. Then season to taste. I've tried this with cayenne and minced garlic. Also with curry, cumin and ginger. Both amazing. Drop a patty size into a pan of hot avocado oil to fry.  Flip them to get both sides, abour 4min per side. You get an amazing zucchini patty! I then put hummus all over it. Or, use two patty's and make it like a sandwich, put cucumber, hummus and spinach inside (tomato if your not on my crazy ass cleanse). Its a super filling meal, and quick.

My 'go to' when I get home from work late - two scrambled eggs. Then roasted asparagus coated in a sauce that is to die for. This sauce works when lumped over any roasted veg. Put an avocado in a blender with juice from a lemon, salt and pepper and dill. When you put this over hot anything, it turns into a thick coated alfredo like sauce. (psst - this also works with basil instead of dill and over pasta). Its also amazing if you add green onion and put over roasted potato.

When I NEED something stick to my ribs filling. Goodness Me sells chick pea pasta. No other ingredients. Just straight up chick peas. Then, in a pan add juice from a lemon (or two) olive oil, shredded fresh basil, minced garlic, asparagus and spinach. Thats your sauce! And its amazing.

Other damn good meals have been a quinoa crusted quiche. Cauliflower steak (curried for awesomeness). Spinach salad with cucumber, avocado and hard boiled egg. My new fav salad dressing is olive oil, lemon juice, salt and dried mustard.  

There you go! Some truly kick ass, carb free dinners to fill your belly. And none of them take silly amounts of time. As an Osteopath DO(MP) and yoga teacher, I know all about getting home at 6, 630 and 7pm absolutey starving and looking to fill my face fast. Sometimes I have just an hour to eat and get back out the door to teach a 7pm yoga class. So you won't find me posting crazy involved recipes that take an hour or use random ingredients. Oh, that and I kinda hate cooking....

Dana Smith