Are Your Smoothies Doing You Harm?

Odd question right!? After all, smoothies are full of protein, veggies and fruit. But here's a tip. Don't mix protein with fruit. It ferments in your body. Over time this causes a candida build up. You no longer receive all the benefits of the fruit, or the protein.

I was a kitchen sink smoothie kinda gal for years. Literally, throw everything healthy in a blender and chug. I now know better. I started growing broccoli spouts on my counter (all sprouts are good for you, but broccoli sprouts are the gold standard of healthy sprouts). Grab a mason jar. Throw out the silver disc, but keep the screw on lid part. Soak some sporting seeds (you can get them at Goodness Me, or order them online, Amazon has some great organic options) then screw the lid onto the jar with tightly pulled nylon. Put some water in the jar and then let it drain out. It'll leave enough moisture in the jar for your sprouts to start. You'll want to do that twice a day. It only takes a few days and you'll start seeing all that healthy growth begin. They're great in your smoothies! Goodness Me also sells some fantastic three teared growing trays, just to be sure that you never run low.

But only include veggies and protein. If you love your fruit smoothies, make a veggie and fruit one (no protein!) for that 3pm pick me up in the afternoon. I enjoy spouts + spinach and/or kale + almond milk a cucumber a protein powder for the AM. Then for my afternoon snack, I pull out my pre-made fruit smoothie. Its usually more greens + organic berries + a banana. The afternoon one, I use water or almond milk as liquid.

And for you green tea haters out there (I hear ya! I hated it for months....I now tolerate it), but its GOOD for you. So get it in you somehow, using it as the liquid in your smoothies is a great way to incorporate it into your daily routine without having to taste it.

Smoothie on my friends!

Dana Smith DO(MP)

Dana Smith