Quick Easy Recipe!

So we're all pretty busy over the holidays! See my last blog post 'Less meat over the holidays' for another fantastic recipe. But given the season, in an effort to avoid take out, I wanted to get another one of my favourite recipes up. 

My husband I call this 'Easy Pasta' it really is easy!

Use brown rice or quinoa pasta. While the pasta is cooking take out a skillet (I like to warm up the sauce, not only because it allows the flavours to blend a bit better, but also it helps to release the health benefits of tomato's). 

Take a pint or two of cherry tomatoes. Cut them all in half. Then squish the tomato and drop them into the pan. That squished out tomato is your sauce! Add olive oil (pan will only warm the sauce, not heat! We don't heat olive oil so the pan heat is just on low) add minced garlic, I add two cloves, but I love garlic. Shredded fresh basil, lots of it. Handfuls of spinach. If you like a nip, add some cayenne pepper. Then juice from an entire fresh lemon. Stir it all together.

Once your pasta is cooked, add it to your saucey mix in the pan and serve. Yup, its that easy. You will be amazed at how much flavour you'll get from this dish. 


Dana Smith