My Short Christmas Message

This blog just writes itself. I’ll keep it short and sweet – it is after all a season of busy.

 The word Christmas evokes different feelings for all of us.  For many, there are sweet memories of childhood and family time. And new joys of watching children’s eyes light up with thoughts of Santa and presents under the tree.

 For some, it’s sad and lonely.  For others, it’s deeply solemn and spiritual.

 But we can all let Christmas get ahead of us. Too much planning to make it magical and too much stressing to be sure everything is ‘just so’ leads to far less enjoyment then the holiday is meant to provide.

No matter what Christmas means to you – take time to pause and appreciate what you have accomplished so far.

 You are only one person. You do not have to take any day, even Christmas Day, all at once.  Take (and enjoy) one step, one breath, one moment at a time. Things will get done when they get done. And if something doesn’t get done – so be it.

 Make no apologies. Chances are, no one will notice. If they do, they will understand – they are busy this time of year as well.

 Take Care of Yourself. Love your family. Appreciate what is done and leave the rest behind.

 Merry Christmas.

 Dana Smith DO(MP)

As always, I love feedback and love to hear your comments.

Dana Smith