Why I Think the House I Work in is Cool, and Why you Should Think so too.

I work in a big old beautiful Victorian home with several small businesses all operating out of it. We don’t have a fancy front window, we don’t have traffic that drives by and sees what we do. We are a community that all comes together to help clean and keep the house running. We are all local, self-made small business owners. We are friends. We love what we do and we love the connections that we make with our clients. We don’t have big fancy websites. Our businesses are built off of repeat business and referrals. Isn’t that the best testament to suggest that what we’re offering is as good or better then the big companies? We don’t do high-pressure sales. Our culture is over-run with targeted advertising. The big companies have the money to tell you why they’re the best. They have the advertising dollars and the flashy window fronts. I’m here to tell you why the little guy is better.

 Adriana’s Skin Care & Medi-Aesthetics – This business is owned by Adriana. She’s a single mom to a pre-teen and I’ve never seen a mom so proud of her daughter. Adriana offers quality skin care. She works one on one with each client and gets to know everyone as an individual. When I asked Adriana why she got into skin care as a career she let me know that its all about boasting self-esteem for both men and women. Adriana has micro-needling as an option (a natural way to boost collagen) and uses organic products in all of her facials. She doesn’t shy away from extractions and offers good old school European facials. Also, I had a pedi from her once and let me tell you how this was THE best pedi ever. I’ve never had softer feet. I love her products and use them every single day.

 ILash by Carla & Beauties Ink. – These two businesses are owned and operated by a pair of badass boss sisters. One offering some of the most natural lash extensions I have ever seen and the other has been micro blading since micro blading became a thing. Both are proud mommas to toddlers (and a pre-teen) and work some crazy long hours. These two are my neighbors in the house. While I can’t hear what they’re chatting about with their clients I always hear laughter through the walls. They love what they do and I am witness to hearing a legitimate joy as they get to know clients.

 Esthetics by Carolyn – Carolyn is truly one of the loveliest women I have ever had the joy of spending time with. You know how sometimes you meet someone who just makes you feel like smiling? I can assure you, that’s Carolyn. She works with Yonka products. These products have been around for years for good reason. Carolyn will not upsell. She won’t boost, she doesn’t have a website or social media. Her business has done well for years because her clients simply come back. It is a testament to her and her products. Carolyn offers facials, mani’s, pedi’s and waxing.

 Graeme and Dan – Hair Salon – These two are actually ex-boyfriends. Yes, they still work together and their friendship is as infectious as Graeme’s laughter. They are dynamic, welcoming and gorgeous. They just leave you feeling good about life. This isn’t even to mention talented. Both of them have been doing hair for YEARS. Both have been involved in larger hair salon’s and have created a client base strong enough to be busy without website or social media. No upselling here! You wont’ find product purchase pushing. You end up spending countless hours with your hairdresser over the years, you better enjoy their company. These two do not disappoint. If you attend this home full of businesses, you’ll find amazing décor and a super clean lobby. That stuff is ALLLL Graeme. He takes pride in what he does and where he works. It shows!

 Thermography – Professionalism is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Mary. She makes her clients feel at ease during what might be a stressful time. As a breast cancer survivor herself, Mary discovered an alternative to the awkward and painful mammogram. It’s a unique and fascinating business that Mary operates, she is a wealth of information and is happy to answer any questions that you may have. I have personal experience with Mary. Before I opened my business in this house, I used Mary’s services (I have since used everyone’s).

 Elite Laser Hair Removal – So this is an up close and personal thing to do. You simply HAVE to feel comfortable with the provider. I can assure you that Danielle has been doing this for years and she is one of the coolest cats around. She’s seen it all and makes everyone feel totally normal – even though your not feeling totally OK with having hair removed from certain areas.

 Kitchener Osteopathy - Me! I love what I do and I hope it shows every single day to every single client. People come to me (often) in pain. What a rewarding career I have entered into. I have been blessed by acquiring clients that I really enjoy the company of. I have built a strong clientele, so this might mean that you have a two or three week wait to see me. But I love what I am doing (and I’m good at it!) so, you’ll often find me working late, extending my hours and attending on a day off for those who are in need.

 So the next time you’re looking for spa day, a facial a little personal time to yourself, a treat (hair, skin, nails – an Osteopathic treatment) maybe look to the little guys. These little guys aren’t good at self-promotion, too humble. Rather then giving money to the next Beyoncé product, or the next big fancy window design – consider supporting local businesses filled with good, hard-working, self-made people. No big store-front means savings for you, not a lesser product.


To book with any of these amazing people:

 Adriana (medi-aesthetics): 519 577 2304

Michelle or Carla (lashes & brows): 519 589 4993

Graeme(hair): 519 746 2539

Dan (hair): 519 500 8357

Carolyn (facials & waxing): 226 338 7393

Mary (thermography): 519 575 6801

Danielle (hair removal): 519 580 7105

Me! (Osteopath DO(MP): 519 496 1008

 As always! I love feedback, comments and suggestions for future blogs.




Dana Smith